Tuesday, December 1, 2015

48 hours after launch

Today wasn't quite as exciting as the day before, but then again I didn't spend all day posting about my app today like I did yesterday. I can, at least, celebrate the milestone of my first in-app purchase! I'm pretty sure it was a friend of mine, but I don't know who. Thanks to you, whoever you are!

Google shows that I have a total of 41 installs. And 8 ratings, with an average of 4.9 reviews (again, mostly from friends). I'm happy about the installs. Google shows your number of installs in increments. From 5 to 9 installs, it shows that you have "5" installs. From 10 to 49 installs, it shows that you have "10" installs. I'm excited about passing 50, because "50" is going to look a lot more credible than "10", even though I really have a lot more than 10.

I've been doing a lot more thinking about the feedback I'm getting. Multiple people have suggested I come up with ways of making the meta game more interesting, and adding some more "flavour" to the game. I'm considering adding in a little system where comment bubbles pop up over people's heads during a level with an excited or depressing comment when you do an action. I think I agree that it'll add a little something extra to the game. I'll have to channel my inner Strong Sad and come up with some depressingly hilarious comments to pop up occasionally.

Another thing that's been suggested, and that I've been thinking a lot about, are alternate ways for people to continue the game besides just a single upgrade purchase option. For example, the ability to watch ads to keep playing, or earn a resource that would allow you to unlock further levels. I actually like this idea. Because, really, all its doing is giving players more options. Instead of being totally locked out of more levels for those that don't want to pay, they still have the option to purchase and continue playing unobstructed, but this way they would have other options as well. I need to think more on this, though. My goal is for the best player experience, and NOT for maximum profits. I hate to see someone genuinely interested in the game, and then just drop it because they won't (or can't) pay for the upgrade. It's heart breaking. I want to give those people a chance to keep playing one way or another.

Hope you're enjoying the game!

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