Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Moving toward first update since launch

Well, I've been getting a lot of great feedback from people coming out of the woodwork to help. This is greatly appreciated.

The first update that's going to come out of this is not anything that affects gameplay, but it'll give the game a little more character. I spent last night and tonight creating a system of speech bubbles that will appear in 3 different situations during a level: you've encouraged someone, you've discouraged someone, or you've taken too long to make a move and they're getting bored.

I've attempted to craft these to be at least a little bit humorous, and also attempted to balance the random values so they don't pop up so often to be annoying and repetitive.

Speaking of repetitive, the one thing I have left to do before I push this update out, is create a long list of these funny, short little quotes to avoid repetition, and keep the game fresh. Here are a few examples, for your reading pleasure:

When encouraging a patient:

  • "Worth every penny"
  • "You're just saying that"
  • "Am I your favorite?"
When discouraging a patient:
  • "Why am I paying you for this?"
  • "It's all meaningless"
  • "Maybe I don't get your humor"
When you're taking too long:
  • "Should I go and come back?"
  • "Are we still on the clock?"
  • "I think I just fell asleep"
I hope this helps with keeping the game interesting (and maybe a little less frustrating on those harder levels). In case anyone is reading this... thanks for reading! 

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